Weddings take GoBox into a whole new realm. You can still expect the same great entertainment value and high energy performances as when you saw them at a public event.  During a wedding however, the members of the band don their finest wedding attire and entertain your guests from the aisle until you depart at the end of the evening. For events such as these they may take on added musicians. Depending on your needs, they may perform during a cocktail hour scenario as a solo acoustic act and sometimes with the full band.

**Sunday weddings earn a discounted rate.

First, if you are looking to or already have booked the band to perform at your reception, there are a few things you can expect.

All receptions include: (and definitely not limited to…)

1) An appointed band member will MC the entire reception including the introduction of the new couple and bridal party (if you choose), first dances, garter and bouquet toss, departure announcement, and any toast introductions. A script will be required for seamless transitions.

2) The band will perform up to 3 – 1 hour sets with 2  – 30 minute breaks. This is subject to change depending on the needs of the night. 

3) The band will set up playlists and provide the use of an iPad during cocktail hour, dinner hour, first dances, their breaks, garter/bouquet toss, cake cutting, introductions, etc. Price includes up to $50 in iTunes downloads.

4) The members are all professional and courteous and will be dressed accordingly.

5) Price includes a total of 50 miles in travel expenses. 

Below is a list of other services GoBox offers. Depending on your budget, a full customized audible experience can be tailored towards your very own private event.

Ceremony: A few of the members break off to perform during ceremonies. Sometimes it’s light piano or solo acoustic guitar. Gobox even has their very own elegant version of a 2 piece guitarist scenario.  It’s performed during the ceremony OR during the dinner hour (or both). Combining the guitars resembles that of an acoustic guitar and a violin performing together. A lapel mic for the minister/chaplain and a very discreet PA for the ceremony can be provided as well. Below you will find a video example of this in the studio AND in a live setting.

Cocktail Hour: One of the members sings and plays acoustic guitar while your guests are having cocktails directly after the ceremony while you are getting pictures done (sometimes referred to as the Social Hour).

Dinner: As listed in the ceremony section, this is  typically when the 2 piece guitar performance would take place.

DJ: Previously, this used to be a separate charge and now is included in the price. After performing at over 100 weddings, the band has learned that most every bride/groom needs music starting directly after the ceremony.

MC: There is no charge for being the Master of Ceremonies (host, MC, Emcee). If GoBox is at your wedding they will start hosting during the first service you have purchased.

Full Service: There is more to this than meets the eye. It’s careful planning, detailed itineraries, working one on one with your coordinator (sometimes being the coordinator), pre-event walk-through’s, special song requests, stand-in musicians, etc. Many brides and coordinators have found this service very useful when the day and when the timing and details are so important.

Special Requests: The band has learned many special songs for many special weddings. First dances, special dedications, mom and dad’s favorite song, ceremony music… Depending on your needs and your budget, we can learn as many as you like 🙂

Dinner/Ceremony Example

See it LIVE

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