Wow! It’s been kind of crazy lately.

Within the last few weeks, we have played everything from a beautiful wedding in Charleston, SC to graduation weekend in Valdosta, GA – Cinco De Mayo at a Mexican restaurant – Pulled almost an “all nighter” down in Griffin, GA – Headed to The Beer Cellar in Cincinnati, OH on Friday, May 11 then to Downtown Atlanta at Front Page News (Midtown) on May 12.

This week we will be updating the website with some new song samples, photos, all kinds of goodies…

Stay tuned… We’ll be back right after these messages

— BEST wedding proposal ever!!!

– BEST WEDDING PROPOSAL EVER!!! Congratulations to our friends Matt and Ginny Still!

GoBox has recently performed at Matt and Ginny’s wedding. The proposal video went viral on YouTube with almost 20MILLION views. Then they appeared on Ellen. We had the honor of being asked to play at their wedding. It went off without a hitch. The wedding was beautiful. Thanks again guys!