Latest NEWS!

So, lately we’ve actually been working on an all original album. We WILL update you further as details become more solid… We Promise!


We’re so thankful to 1st Fridays in Macon, Mulligans in Valdosta, Padre’s in Locust Grove and Motorheads in McDonough for another month of some fantastic shows!


Coming up May 25th is Taco Mac in Stockbridge. This is a benefit for a dear friend of ours that recently got diagnosed with cancer. ALL proceeds will go to Samantha Mixon and her family. A link to the Facebook invite is here


Also, the 3rd annual Brookhaven Beer Festival is coming up on June 8th. A ton of info is here



We hope to catch you guys soon!

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  1. I don’t know why you guys don’t shout from the mountaintops that you have one of world’s finest guitarists playing with you! In the bio, Ross Childress’ entry simply states “Little is known of this mysterious fellow.”

    His recorded work with Collective Soul, Hurst and his solo “Music Box” are fantastic and timeless! (With apologies, I haven’t heard the Starfish and Coffee album) I hope he brings as much to GoBox. I’m anxiously awaiting your new album!

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