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April 22

Hey guys,

April 22nd GoBox will be at The Zone in McDonough. We play from 9:30-12-30 and there will probably be a $5.00 cover charge. We can’t wait to rock it out. It’s not often we get to play local AND we’ve got some new stuff so come on out!!!

The Zone

1483 Hampton Rd

Mcdonough, GA

The Zone on FB


Yes it’s true… We are updating our website…

SO, you may see some things that look out of place or incomplete. This is our annual “Spring Cleaning” going on here.

Stay in touch with us

And good luck Katie and Jake! Thanks for having us!


Halloween!!! October 31st, 2015

That’s right, we’re back again! LIVE at The Masquerade Saturday October 31st. Trust me when I say, “GET YOUR TICKETS ASAP!!!!” This event has sold out in previous years and most likely will again this year. For more info go to Atlanta Beer Festivals

Boos and Brews 15 collage


It’s what you’ve all been waiting for!!! It’s YOUR chance to be our front man (or woman)…MANIC MONDAY’s!!!

Beginning on October 20th, 2014, GoBox will start hosting “Manic Monday” (live band karaoke) at Motorheads Bar & Grill in McDonough, GA. The starting song list contains over 100 songs from 68 artists and 5 new ones will be added each week in order to keep the list fresh.

Song list and additional details can be found on Facebook (opens in new window)


Our updated calendar isn’t posted yet so keep your eye out for those invites we keep sending.

Friday September 13th at Sadie’s Tavern in Buckhead – Located at 5 Paces Inn

And in the meantime find us on Facebook and Twitter (LIKE page) (Normal page)

Latest NEWS!

So, lately we’ve actually been working on an all original album. We WILL update you further as details become more solid… We Promise!


We’re so thankful to 1st Fridays in Macon, Mulligans in Valdosta, Padre’s in Locust Grove and Motorheads in McDonough for another month of some fantastic shows!


Coming up May 25th is Taco Mac in Stockbridge. This is a benefit for a dear friend of ours that recently got diagnosed with cancer. ALL proceeds will go to Samantha Mixon and her family. A link to the Facebook invite is here


Also, the 3rd annual Brookhaven Beer Festival is coming up on June 8th. A ton of info is here



We hope to catch you guys soon!

Hey guys!

We just played a ROCKING wedding a few days ago at The Melting Point in Athens, GA. The Groom actually got on stage with us and played sax on Everything She Does is Magic by The Police. Grant, you ROCKED it!

Anyway, here’s a little snippet from March 9th… (Unfortunately the camera died before we got Grant up there but we’ll have a reunion tour 🙂

Some New Video For You

Well, here is that video we have been telling you about. We finally got all of the footage put together and compiled into one. The vid gets a bit shaky sometimes but overall it’s pretty cool! Thanks guys! We couldn’t have gotten the footage without you!

GoBox performs LIVE at the Atlanta Winter Beer Festival ( at The Masquerade on January 26, 2013.

And it actually sounds pretty decent on a good pair of speakers or headphones…



Website update! February 14th 2013

Hey guys,
For the next day or so there may be some missing content or sections of our website. This thing is going through a MAJOR OVERHAUL right now. If you reach missing or partial content, please be patient with us. It will be done soon.


Temporarily, feel free to hit us up on FACEBOOK.
We have 2 pages
our LIKE page (

and our “Regular” page (